Animal Welfare And Rescue Groups-Blog Post 2

Animal Welfare And Rescue Groups-Blog Post 2

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If loving, saving, and protecting animals is your life, or a big part of your life’s purpose; as it is mine, this is awesome.  Thank you for checking out my website.  I look forward to us meeting.

You may wish to know that in addition to caring for your dog and/or your home, I do support a number of animal welfare and rescue groups both locally and internationally, and I work to raise awareness and advocate very strongly for them on their behalf.  I would like to share some of my personal favorites with you here, and I encourage you to choose either from this list, or to research and choose one or two on your own to become involved in.

I believe that you will come to find as I did that this is a great way to meet, work with, and support others who have like minds and spirits, helping animals and our environment, and thereby helping one another, will bring a you a great sense of peace, love, joy, and satisfaction, knowing that you are consciously contributing in a positive manner to this planet we all share as a collective.

I personally am very grateful for these people and for all they do to help our beloved animal brothers and sisters around the globe, and for having been fortunate enough to currently work with, or have in the past worked with many of them side by side in these efforts. ~ Namaste ~ Thank You All


* If you are an animal rescue or animal welfare group, or are involved with one and feel that it would be beneficial to all to have me add you to this list, or you would like to see your ‘Favorite’ one ‘Featured’ on the ‘Kelli’s Korner’ Blog here on website under our ANIMAL WELFARE category, please do Contact Me and I will gladly add you.  We are all part of a great karmic wheel in life and we must wake up every day and say,” what can I do today to help others?”, because if we are ALL asking that question and paying gratitude for what we have NOW, then there is always PLENTY to go around 🙂 

I believe as do so many, that the biggest challenge we face is in ‘shifting human consciousness’  and until we do this and pay attention to things outside of the material and egoic world, it will continue to be a challenge to save the animals, plants, and all of whom we share our planet and our universe with.


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