Due to an overwhelming response to our “Kelli’s Korner” Blog Post‘ featuring many animal welfare and rescue groups, I have now created and dedicated an entire new page showcasing what I refer to as “Earth Angels”.

* It is my hope that this makes it easier for all of us to connect with one another and to continue to help our beautiful and beloved animal brothers and sisters, the environment in which we all live, and with each other.

~ Peace, Love, Light, and Abundance to you and yours



Love All Respect Everything
Love All
Respect All…

















If loving, saving, and protecting animals is your life, or a big part of your life’s purpose; as it is mine, this is awesome.  Thank you for checking out my website.  I look forward to us meeting.

In addition to caring for you and your dog as your Holistic Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I support a number of animal welfare and rescue groups both locally and internationally.  I work daily to raise awareness, and I advocate very strongly for them on their behalf.

I would like to share some of my personal favorites with you here, and I encourage you to choose either from this list, or to research and choose one or two on your own to become involved in.

I believe that you will come to find as I did that this is a great way to meet, work with, and support others who have like minds and spirits, helping animals and our environment; and thereby helping one another.   It will bring a you a great sense of peace, love, joy, and satisfaction.  Just knowing that you are consciously contributing in a positive manner to this planet that we all share as a ‘collective’ is very rewarding in itself.

I personally am very grateful for these people and for all that they do to help our beloved animal brothers and sisters around the globe, and for having been fortunate enough to currently work with, or have in the past worked with many of them side by side in these efforts.

~ Namaste ~ Thank You All

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Australian Shepherd Rescue

Australian Shepherd Rescue- SOCal

Aussie Rescue San Diego and Friends

Animal Action Network- Wonderful Non-Profit Organization

Colorado Miracle Feedlot Rescue This group really needs your attention and help as they have one of the largest selections of incredibly beautiful, intelligent, gentle horses of all breeds and ages I have ever seen in my life; and for those of you you fortunate enough to live in COLORADO you have only to come see for yourselves. *You can help literally save their worthy lives from being taken to slaughter.* Step up NOW.

Luvin’ Arms Animal Sanctuary- This Group Always Needs Loving Volunteers

Salt River Wild Horse Management Group –

Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue

Southern California Pomeranian Rescue


Protect Mustangs.Org  * This rescue group currently needs help with pasture fees

The Animali Farm  * This group needs Hay! Hay! Hay!

The Wild Horse Conspiracy   *Featured in our ‘Kellis’ Korner’ Blog-  Canadian Wild Mustang Horses-Wild Mustang Horses- Protect and Save Them

Protect Endangered Species

Friends Of Animals

Rescue Me.Org- You can Choose a Favorite Breed or or just Give to the organization itself

Sea Shepherd- *Remember our Sea Creatures



San Diego Veg Fest

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* If you are an animal rescue or animal welfare group, or are involved with one and you feel that it would be beneficial to all parties to have me add you to this list; or you would like to see your Favorite Rescue Group ‘Featured’ on the ‘Kelli’s Korner’ Blog here under our ‘ANIMAL WELFARE’ category; then please Contact Me and I will gladly add you to this list ,and or write a blog article about you and your organization.  You may also feel free to submit an article you have written and any photos you have taken in jpg format if you would prefer me to post those instead.

* If you would like to add a link to Poochie Au Pair on YOUR website, please let me know that as well.  It’s very easy and no cost to either of us to help to ‘cross-promote’ each other, and thereby widen our respective circles. “Like” for “Like” on Facebook, “Follow” for “Follow” on Twitter & Instagram, “Link” for “Link” on each others’ websites are just some examples of free ways to show gratitude and give back to the world thru helping someone else.

I believe as do so many, that the biggest challenge we face is in ‘shifting human consciousness’  and until we do this and pay attention to things outside of the material and egoic world, it will continue to be a challenge to save the animals, plants, and all of whom we share our planet and our universe with.

Kindness, Compassion, Respect

*Other causes and charitable organizations I advocate for, and try to raise awareness for are:

Lupus Foundation Of America  * You can find out more about ” The Cruel Mystery ” of this dis-ease here on their website and by talking with someone you know who lives with Lupus. It is a life-threatening illness for which there is no known cure and for which there have been no significant advances in treating it in over 50 years.  You may have heard about singer Selena Gomez recently ‘coming out’ about her battle with Lupus and you can learn more here: Lupus is a very misunderstood dis-ease, as often patients with it ‘look like’ to the untrained eye that they are perfectly healthy.

ALS Foundation  * Find out more here about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis here on their website and by talking with someone you know who lives with ALS.

Melanoma Research Foundation  * Find out more about BRAF and other forms of melanoma here and by talking with people you know.

National Child Support Enforcement  * All Kids deserve the support of Both parents