Halloween- A Brief History- Blog Post 3- Holidays With Loud Noises

A BRIEF HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN- THE CELTIC NEW YEAR Halloween originated thousands of years ago in The Celtic Realm; most likely in Ireland, and still is referred to in Irish Gaelic as ‘Samhain’. *Pronunciations in English are ‘Sow-en’ or ‘Sow-een’. … Continued

Snowbird Playground For Canadians & More; The Coachella Valley-Vacation & Travel- Blog Post 1

VACATION AND TRAVEL WITH YOUR PRECIOUS POOCHIE So you want to take a Holiday vacation to a relaxed, luxury destination and you absolutely wish to bring your precious poochie along for the fun? Look no further, as the Coachella Valley … Continued

What Do Petsitters Do?- Blog Post 1

Lately I have received several inquiries as to what do pet sitters do, how much do they charge, I know that they are ‘service professionals’ so am I supposed to be tipping my pet sitter?, etc. This will be the … Continued

Superbowl Snacks For Your Dog- Are They A ‘No’ or a ‘Go’?- Blog Post 1

SUPERBOWL SNACKS FOR DOGS So you wanna celebrate Superbowl 50 with your best friend and your favorite snacks eh? That’s just fine as long as you know which ‘people’ foods are safe for your best friend and which are not. … Continued

Doggie Dental Care- Blog Post 1

DOGGIE DENTAL CARE- HOME DENTAL CARE It’s International Pet Dental Health Care Month. Let’s face it, your doggie’s dental care is just as important as your own dental care is. The thing is, your dog cannot brush her own teeth … Continued


Here’s wishing you and yours a very Happy Winter Solstice 2015. The longest nite of the year this year is December 21, and tomorrow; December 22, 2015 will be the Longest Day of this year. In this time period we … Continued

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