Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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What is the most important thing in life? Ask anyone and you’ll probably get the same answer.

Love.  All of existence in the Universe is interconnected; humans, animals, plants and minerals and we all require love.

Who knows more about true, unconditional love than dogs?…  I personally cannot think of anyone; and those of you who have spent any time in the company of dogs will most likely agree with me.

All animals know how to feel and express love.  This is very apparent, as all you have to do is look around you at any given moment and witness the love they share with us, with their own animal families, and even with other species of animals.

I believe that animals live from their true and most authentic selves and can help inspire us to do the same.  They are the ‘Essence of Pure Love’ living truly from the heart and living only in the ‘Now’.* To better understand what I am referring to when I say ” in the Now”, check out this book The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.
Dogs are always there for you no matter what.  They are true, ‘all-weather’ friends and would never even dream of abandoning you if you don’t look perfect, are having a bad day, come home late, smell weird, and so on. They accept and love us unconditionally; whether we are young, old, in-between, male or female; regardless of age, race, creed, color, social status, political affiliation or religion.  They don’t care what language we speak, because they have the ability and intelligence to understand them all.  Just travel around a bit and you will see that this is true.  They live from the language of the heart.  They teach us to ‘let go’ and see the mystery beyond the form and show us instead the love, intelligence, and spirit ‘behind’ the physical form.  Animals ‘see’ ‘all’ of this every day and they want us to tap into it too.

Beautiful Wolf Mom and 3 PupsLike their great and wise ancestors; the wolf, dogs are very social creatures who prefer the company of humans, and thank your lucky stars for the wolf, because without wolves none of us would have our modern-day companions the dog to share our life and our love with.  Like the wolf, dogs also know and live the true meaning of the word ‘devotion’ and are here on Earth to teach us this and many other life lessons every single day that we are blessed to be in their presence.

Valentine’s Day is a day when the feelings of love, affection, appreciation, and friendship are shown and celebrated, and who better to celebrate with than your canine pal?…

My love pup;”Ceilidh” the Australian Shepherd, shares her love and affection for me, as well as for very living creature she has encountered thus far. If you don’t have a Valentine, do your breed research on which breed fits you and your lifestyle best and then head on over to a reputable animal rescue or shelter.  Literally Millions of ‘valentines’ aka ‘Love Pups’ are waiting for you to come give them a respectful, forever loving home. *Remember, Pets are not gifts. They are living, loving, breathing, sentient beings who are dependent upon us caring humans to love and care for them.*

Do something fun with your Valentine Pup today and tonite, like snuggling down for a Valentine Doggie-Themed movie, like one of our personal favorites; ” Lady and the Tramp” * now in it’s 50th Anniversary year!- (Lady and the Tramp (Two-Disc 50th Anniversary Platinum Edition)

*Send Me your stories of your “Lady and the Tramp” and see it posted on our next “Kelli’s Korner” dog blog.

We would love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day! – Love- Kelli Angel and Ceilidh at ‘Poochie Au Pair’, and ” May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and have a beautiful day! ” ~ An Ancient Celtic Blessing





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