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This Featured Video of “Pocahontas”, and not the Disney version, but the actual woman and the ‘message’ she tried to convey; how we truly are ‘ALL‘ of us; human, plant, animal, mineral kingdomsconnected‘ to one another in this great circle of life; should be inspiring enough for humans to keep on doing what they are doing if they are ‘conscious’ and ‘active in making the world a better place’, and it should be equally inspiring for others to ‘wake up’ and become inspired to make positive changes in themselves and the world around them.

“Colors Of The Wind” Video on YouTube

This next video is brought to you by one of if not my ‘favorite’ Dog Harness Maker.  It is appropriately named, ” THE EASY-WALK HARNESS ” By PetSafe Brands.  * Check out the video from them and you may see why it ‘speaks for itself’ in my opinion.

Pet Safe Brand Premier Pets “Easy Walk Harness”   Even dogs that are the most difficult to manage while walking on a leash will be pretty much transformed into a dog that you both will appreciate as having a ‘nice’ ‘easy’ walk together.  After all, it is so much more enjoyable for both of you when neither of you is stressed out, or being pulled on while walking.

Here are direct links below to Amazon; just one of our ‘Well Known, Globally Recognized & Trusted Partners to purchase your own Easy Walk Harness for Your Dog. Available in 8 sizes.

Each Photo corresponds in order Left to Right Sized from Petite to Xtra-Large.

Yes, there are a few ‘imitators’ out there where this harness is concerned, but Trust Me, I’ve tried pretty much all of them in over 30+ years of owning and training dogs, so when I tell you that THIS is the Brand for you; PetSafe Premier Pet Brand, “Easy Walk Harness” believe me:-)    Let me know if you need a different size than the one pictured here and I will provide you with a direct link to the product you specifically need.  ** If after watching the video you still have questions on how to ‘measure’  your dog for it, or instructions on how to put it on, how to adjust the straps, or how to successfully walk your dog on it, Please Use Our Contact Us Page

Service Dog
Service Dog



As you can see in many of our Poochie Au Pair photos throughout our website, you will notice that I use the Pet Safe Premier Pet Brand “Easy Walk Harness” with my own Service Dog.